STARTUP CAFE helps startups establish a foothold in Fukuoka City, and supports foreign expansion of companies established in Fukuoka City.

Do you have any worries
before or after starting your business?

Start up support

Specified Programs for Supporting Startups

You can receive support by attending specific seminars when establishing your business!

Specified Programs for Supporting Startups etc.Specified Programs for Supporting Startups allow budding entrepreneurs to acquire all four knowledge aspects needed to start a business: management, finance, market development and human resource development.

Founders who have used the Specified Programs that Fukuoka City and start-up support companies implement can receive various types of assistance. From 2020, consultations at STARTUP CAFE and participation in some seminars are also eligible for certification.

  • Registration and license taxes at the time of the establishment are reduced.
  • Advance the commencement month of startup-related guarantees.
  • You can use the New Startup Loan Program and New Startup Fund of Japan Finance Corporation.
  • Subsidies for supporting mid-career recruitment are available.

Check Café Press vol.23 for how to apply for the Specified Programs for Supporting Startups, etc.

Fukuoka City Official Website Information on Specified Programs for Supporting Startups, etc.

One-Stop Center for Starting a Business

Entrepreneurs can complete all procedures necessary in starting a business via the Internet at STARTUP CAFE. A revenue stamp is not required for those who use a service and anyone can use it easily as the administrative scrivener helps you as a concierge.

One-Stop Center for Starting a Business help you draw up the articles of incorporation.

My Number Card and password is required.


Make a reservation either by calling us,or by email.

Consultations are available through reservation.


Opening hours


(Days closed: New Year Holidays)

※Concierge available hours:

10:00-17:00 on weekdays


STARTUP CAFE Startup Matching service

Connects people who want to work in startups,
and companies that have been established within the last 5 years.

Available for English.

STARTUP CAFE Startup Matching service supports the local startup ecosystem by bringing together startups and talented individuals. By individually interviewing both companies and individuals, we aim to get a good grasp of both sides’ needs in order to provide the best possible matching service.

From foreign exchange student interns to young prospective engineers hired as development managers, our services are available for anyone, free of charge. If you are looking for a startup company to work for, or if your startup needs people to work together with, feel free to contact us at any time.

About Startup Matching Service

Employment and labor support

Fukuoka City Employment Labor Consultation Center(FECC)

You can consult with lawyers or labor and social security attornys for free.

Available for English and Chinese.

The Fukuoka Employment and Labor Consultation Center (FECC) has a service that provides free consultations about employment rules and typical risk measures with experts such as lawyers and labor and social security attornys and you can feel free to use the service. It is very important for both labor and manager to have a good employment environment. Would you like to try to review your employment contract and employment regulations again?

FECC can help you to detect the risk and countermeasures.

  • The lawyer who is familiar with employment and labor issues is always in FECC.
  • Labor and social security attorney is available for consultation 3 times a week.
  • Individual consultation is available at the private room
  • You can sellect various ways of consultions according to your situation.

(Face-to-face consultation / Line chat consultation / Online consultation / Individual・visiting consultation)

FECC Official Web Site


Startup Visa Reception

Get a 6 months head start on your business with the Startup Visa.

Available for English and Chinese.

Obtaining a visa is now simpler than ever. If you are an entrepreneur interested in founding your business in Japan, the six-month Startup Visa will give you the opportunity to live in Fukuoka and have access to all of the incredible startup support the city provides. The Startup Visa will give you ample time to get a sense of the city, the culture, and the professional climate all while establishing your business. STARTUP CAFE is the official reception for Startup Visa applications.

More information about the Startup Visa:Fukuoka City’s official Startup Visa website

About Grobal Startup Center

Global Finance Centre

One-Stop Support Center for Foreign Financial Institutions

Available for English and Chinese.

TEAM FUKUOKA aims to attract foreign financial institutions by capitalizing on distinctive strengths of Fukuoka’s all stakeholders from the government, industry, and academia. One-stop Support Center is a contact point for all types of foreign financial institutions looking to start or expand their business in Fukuoka City. English and Chinese speaking staff who are well versed in the area of finance support every step to incorporating.

About Global Finance Centre