STARTUP CAFE Fukuoka City Startup Matching Service, connects people who want to work in startups, and companies that have been established within the last 5 years.

STARTUP CAFE Fukuoka City Startup Matching service supports the local startup ecosystem by bringing together startups and talented individuals. By individually interviewing both companies and individuals, we aim to get a good grasp of both sides’ needs in order to provide the best possible matching service. From foreign exchange student interns to young prospective engineers hired as development managers, our services are available for anyone, free of charge. If you are looking for a startup company to work for, or if your startup needs people to work together with, feel free to contact us at any time.

Startup Maching services are available in English and Japanese.

Startup Matching Service

I’m looking for a startup to work for

1. Applicant Registration


Use our application form to let us know about your work history, studies and the type of company you want to work for. You can also attach your resume in the application.

2. Matching service meeting


During the meeting with the matching service representative, we will learn more about your skillset, interests and experience to allow us to introduce a suitable company.

3. Looking for available positions


We will search for available positions that fit your skills and wishes, and introduce you to the companies. Please note that we cannot guarantee an immediate introduction in all cases.

4. Application and interview with the company


If you accept our introduction, you will decide a date for an interview with the company.

I’m looking for a talent to join my startup

Companies younger than 5 years, or companies with new management ※

1. Company registration


Use our application form for companies to register your company information.
※Companies older than 5 years, please register your company information and job requirements using this form

2. Matching service meeting

During the meeting we will learn more about what kind of skills the job requires.

3. Searching and introducing candidates


We will search and introduce for you any applicants that fulfill your needs. However, we cannot guarantee an immediate introduction.

4. Interview with the applicant


If you accept our introduction, you will set a date for an interview with the prospective applicant.

※ Existing companies with new management, that are engaging in a new field of business. Contact Fukuoka City Startup Matching Service for more details.

The purpose of this service is to promote matching of startups in need of workforce, and people who want to work for startup companies. However, we cannot guarantee a match. We provide this service for free to individuals wishing to work in startups, companies and sole proprietors with less than 5 years of business history, and companies fulfilling certain requirements. ※

This service is offered by Dogan Executive, Co. Ltd.
Licensed Fee-Charging Employment Placement Business, registration number:40-ユ-300550



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