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STARTUP CAFE is a convenient one-stop location that combines startup preparation support, human resources matching service and employment-related legal and tax consultation services.


  • Fukuoka: A National Strategic Special Zone

    National Strategic Special Zones are specially-designated zones in which exclusive regulatory and system reforms are implemented to verify their effects, thereby aiming to revitalize the Japanese economy.

    Since its designation as the National Strategic Special Zone for Global Startup & Job Creation in 2014, Fukuoka City has been working to support business startup and job creation by combining deregulation measures and Fukuoka’s original polices such as “Startup-Visa” and “Tax Reduction for Startups.”

    Fukuoka’s official Special Zone Project website
  • Compact City Fukuoka—Airport, major train stations and seaport all within a 2.5 km radius with nearby nature.

    Fukuoka City is the easiest city in Japan to start a business, ranking No. 1 for business startup rate among the 23 wards in Tokyo and government ordinance cities.

    Convenient access from the airport to Tenjin in the center of the city by a 15-minute train ride, and low office costs, Fukuoka City is known as a comfortable place to live in and an easy place to start a business.

    The compactness of the city moves things on a human scale, meaning you can easily have new encounters that enable you to find complementary resources.Check Fukuoka Facts page and discover many attractions Fukuoka City has to offer.

    The Official Fukuoka Facts



    Consultation services and specialists at your disposal, free of charge.

    • Consultation
    • Consultation With Specialists

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    STARTUP CAFE helps startups establish a foothold in Fukuoka City,
    and supports foreign expansion of companies established in Fukuoka City.

    • Start up Support
    • Matching Support
    • Employment & Labor Support
    • Global Support

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  • 3.EVENT

    STARTUP CAFE hosts multiple events related to entrepreneurship every week.
    The events can be attended by anyone, and are offered free of charge.
    If you are interested in hosting an open event at STARTUP CAFE, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

    • Entrepreneurs’ community

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    STARTUP CAFE’s relaxing coworking space is open every day of the week (※), free of charge.
    Feel free to drop by after work or on your days off.
    Come visit us and use our coworking space at the time best suitable for your lifestyle, no registration needed.

    ※STARTUP CAFE is closed during the New Year holidays.

    • OPEN 10:00〜22:00
    • Books are free to read
    • Free wi-fi
    • Power outlets available
    • Multi-function printer
      (Paid service)