Events that build partnerships and help brush up your skills

 We hold seminars, Q&A sessions and exchange and cooperation events regularly at Startup Cafe premises to provide answers to entrepreneurs’ questions and worries. Our events are attended by participants from all backgrounds, including people who want to learn about the newest technology and new business models, people who want to hear about entrepreneurs’ past experiences, people who want to learn new skills and tips towards entrepreneurship, as well as people who want to find new partners to do business with. Most of the events are provided free of charge and with no registration needed. Feel free to take part in our seminars and events to learn new skills related to your business and to get to know new partners after work or on your day off. The events are also a great chance to take a peek into a field previously unknown to you!

Helping people take their first steps towards entrepreneurship

 Startup Cafe’s events are mostly organised by Fukuoka City’s entrepreneurship support organisations and private business owners who want to help new businesses and startups. The events are not only for learning new things, but also to to build relationships that help cross the hurdles on the way to managing a successful business. There are no requirements for participating, so feel free to take part in our events at any time.

Do you want to hold an event at Startup Cafe?

Support for people planning on starting a business

 We are always looking for people and organisations who can offer support to new entrepreneurs by hosting events in our event spaces. If you wish to hold an event at Startup Cafe and agree with the points below, please feel free to contact us.

Event organisers’ terms of agreement

  • ① The event contributes to the Startup culture of Fukuoka and is relevant to entrepreneurs.
    No entrance fee.
  • ② Promotion of services and products is forbidden.
  • ③ A consultation with our staff is required before submitting the event plan.
  • ④ The event organiser must take care of the progression of the event from preparations to the final clean up.
  • ⑤ Event information will be posted on this website and on Facebook.
  • ⑥ Sales activities as well as receiving money from the guests is forbidden.

Event application process

Meeting with a concierge

A meeting with a Startup Cafe concierge, where the outline of the event(content and date etc.)is finalised. Here you can check the event space and the needed equipment. In most of the cases, it takes around one month from the initial meeting until the event itself, so please contact us at least one month before the desired event date.

Submitting the application

After the meeting, a Startup Cafe concierge will send you the online application form.


The contents will be verified by Fukuoka City.

Event promotion

After the screening of the event is over, Startup Cafe will start advertising the event on Facebook 2 weeks before the event date.

Holding the Event

The stage is yours! We recommend coming to Startup Cafe at least one hour before the event to ensure a smooth event.