What is Startup Cafe ?

For people who have interests or attempt to start a business,
Startup Cafe will provide you many supports,
expecially for early-seed entrepreneurs.

Startup Cafe Fukuoka, established in TSUTAYA bookstore at Tenjin, Fukuoka area, is located in nice and urban shopping area, where is a center of our city and mixture of diverse cultures. Our goal is to let this space as a hub of Fukuoka startup community, where variety of people gather with their knowledges/experiences/values and motivate each other through their passions for realizing their business goal and success. In another words, creating "Startup Ecosystem” is the ultimate goal of Fukuoka City and our stuff members are enlightened and willing to support startups and entrepreneurs, who are willing to know the methods of starting a business, generating ideas, prototyping, writing legal documents for contract/alliance/partnerships, fundraising, and managing oversea/cross-border business, and so on. Since Startup café Fukuoka opened in October 2014, we have held startup events, more than 2,000 startup consultations and seminars, which involved more than 10,000 participants. The Startup Cafe Fukuoka are operated by TSUTAYA (the biggest bookstore company in Japan) and DOGAN (the venture capital company, having strong business networks in Kyushu), with supported by funds from Fukuoka City.

The uniqueness of Startup Cafe Fukuoka

Our startup business consulting is free of charge.

Our marvelous feature is that Startup Cafe Fukuoka operates professional consultation service with full-time concierges and specialists: our concierges have strong backgrounds in entrepreneur business/business administration/marketing/finance; so that they provide hands-on advices and mentor you by generating your business idea and visualizing the process of how to launch your business.

During the process of hearing, concierges will configure your ultimate goal and the best solution. Our stuff members provide advices and support those people, who are willing to know the methods of starting a business, generating ideas, prototyping, writing legal documents for contract/alliance/partnerships, fundraising, and managing oversea/cross-border business, and so on. Since our place is the most popular and active Startup Community in Fukuoka, successful local entrepreneurs, whom we call Ambassador Concierges, stop by sometimes here and may introduce you their business networks. Therefore, here is the best place for you to step into the startup-business world, with finding business opportunities and connecting with people.

Please feel free to come in Startup Cafe Fukuoka and have our consultation and hands-on supports. We provide the professional service which enables you to have direction consultation of tax consultants, lawyers, administrative scriveners, judicial scriveners, and financial advisors of Japan Finance Corporation. Hopefully, you get great advantages from our one-stop startup service.

Since the establishment of Venture Supporter Committee in 2003, Fukuoka City Mayor Takashima officially announced his goal to let Fukuoka City recognized as Startup City in the event of Myojyowaraku, in October 2012. Since the remarkable speech, Fukuoka City has cooperated with Tech City of London, founded the Startup Supporters, and provided variety of supports through startup programs.

The strong points of Fukuoka City are "The heart-warming society and comfortable distance between people" and "Nice in tight connection between governments and business communities". Since the establishment of Startup Cafe in 2014, our culture of the startup community has been getting matured and people have been very open-minded and respectful for entrepreneurs.

Why is Fukuoka a great place for startup business?

Appointment for the National Strategic Special Zones. Designation of Fukuoka City as the most compact and efficient place to start business in Japan

Fukuoka as the compact city, enables immediate access to the airport, harbor and train station within 2.5 kilometers.

The significant reasons of starting your business in Fukuoka are following. Among the Tokyo 23 words and government-designated municipals, Fukuoka is the most startup-friendly place and has the highest rate for startup business. The population growth rate of Fukuoka is 105.1%, which is higher than that of Tokyo, where is recorded as 103.7%. Among all the cities, Fukuoka is the fifth most populated city in Japan; while, first is Yokohama, second is Osaka, third is Nagoya and fourth is Sapporo.

Our startup-friendly and multicultural environment are attractive for oversea entrepreneurs.

Our startup-friendly and multicultural environment are attractive for oversea entrepreneurs.

For all foreign entrepreneurs, starting business in Fukuoka, we support for visa and co-working/office spaces.

Fukuoka City provides two programs of visa supports for foreign entrepreneurs. First one is the housing discount. Second, we officially support the application of Startup Visa with Fukuoka City. If you start a business in Japan, you need to apply to the immigration office for a startup visa.

For Startup Visa, there are two requirements as following (①+②/①+③) : ① establishment of office with a physical address, and ② employment of more than two full-time employees who have permanent residency or nationality in Japan, or ③ investment on your business, meaning at least 5,000,000 yen put on your business account. Once you meet the above condition, the startup visa could be issued. After you receive the visa, you will be allowed to stay in Japan for maximum 6 months; after all, you will be able to start your own business in Japan.

For more information of Startup Visa, please check at the following website


Talent Matching Center

Free to use our Talent Matching Center

Startup Cafe Fukuoka provides a matching service, so-called Talent Matching Center.

We offer this service for free to those companies and business owners, who started their own business in less than five years. We let the service open to those companies who wish to invest on the 2nd business.

We match those people who search for jobs in startup companies, with those companies which look for talented workers, through our Talent Matching website.After registration for our service through the website specified below, our stuff member will contact you and suggest that you come to Startup Cafe and have an interview. After the process, you will be able to use our matching service.

For the detail information, please check the website following: http://startupcafe.jp/matching/"


(Fukuoka Employment Consultation Center)

Our Co-operation with FECC

Strong and qualified supports will be provided from our lawyers and labor consultants, regarding employment in startup business.

FECC, located in the Startup Cafe Fukuoka, consults with you about how to prevent and/or protect yourself from employment and labor issues. FECC opens Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00am to 21:00pm. FECC professionals, including lawyers and labor consultants, will provide you consultation for free.

The differences between Startup Cafe and FECC services are based on types of concerns: the former guides you business strategy to develop business models and maximize profits and possibilities, through fundraising, marketing and so on; while, and the latter guides you through risk managements, recruitment/restructuring of Japanese/Non-Japanese employees, development of employment policies in individual companies, and human resource management.

In these years, facing enormous growth of incoming foreign labors, we provide the business matching service, with introducing talented oversea entrepreneurs and engineers of our startup network to business owners.

Alliance with foreign startup communities

Strong partnership with oversea startup hubs.

Partnership with San Francisco

Based on our partnership between San Francisco and Fukuoka Cities, the venture support company, called Btrax Inc., provides us top-notch information and operates their co-working community, called ”D.Haus San Francisco”.

Service Detail
D.Haus San Francisco provides up-to-date information of San Francisco, including local startup-related companies' data (including hot companies, local distributers, and so on), methods of starting their own business in the United States, and startup trends. They supports our events held in San Francisco and we support their events held in Fukuoka as well. Those events includes online seminars, consultation meetings and conventions of different type of industries, such as foods/products/cultures and so forth.

Guides for our services

Consultation for Startup Business

Please feel free to contact us and talk to our receptionists.

The typical issue of many seed entrepreneurs is following: he/she has a business goal/idea and solution with high motivation to contribute themselves on solving social issues; however, they don’t know how to make them output as business models and monetizing process. If you have such issue, please come to Startup Cafe.  We will definitely support such issue, with visualizing your idea and business plan. In the past, our concierges have met and consult more than 2,000 entrepreneurs; so that, we are highly confident about the quality of our supporting services for startups.

Startup visa
Office and Residential Rent Subsidy Program for Foreighn Startups


Here is the walking direction: Once you access the Nishitetsu Tenjin Railway Station, please go to the south gate for about 300m distance; it takes about 5 minutes by walk. From the south gate, please exit to the right direction and walk straight. On the way to Startup Cafe @ TSUTAYA Building, you will see the Kego Shrine. Along two traffic lights, please walk straight until you find the Apple Store. If you cross the crossroad to the south direction, you will find TSUTAYA BOOK STORE signboard. Startup Cafe Fukuoka is located at the 3rd floor of the building.

1-20-17 imaizumi chuo(-ku) fukuoka(-shi) fukuoka(-ken) 810-0021 JAPAN TSUTAYA BOOK STORE TENJIN 2F