STARTUP CAFE Fukuoka City is a startup support center providing a stress-free environment for all people to work in and get information on founding a business.

It is a convenient one-stop location that combines startup preparation support, human resources matching service and employment-related legal and tax consultation services. And you can have all of this for free!

Fukuoka Global Startup Center

Have a business idea and want to make it happen here in Japan? At the STARTUP CAFE, we do not only provide help for new business establishments in Fukuoka City, but we also support Fukuoka startups’ overseas development, as well as overseas companies’ advance into the Japanese market. Feel free to contact us with your plan, and we will help you make your idea into a reality!

You can also participate in a startup support projects with cities that have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Fukuoka City. Cities that have signed a MoU with Fukuoka City include Helsinki (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), Taipei (Taiwan) and San Francisco (USA)!

Business Development Consultation

STARTUP CAFE concierges provide free consultations regarding various matters involved in founding and running a business. If you are planning on starting a business in Japan, or thinking about ways to improve your company’s performance, our concierges can help you. English-speaking concierges and assistants are available at all times.

Startup Visa reception

STARTUP CAFE is the reception point to apply for the Startup Visa: a short term Business Manager Visa.

To read about the Startup Visa, visit Fukuoka City’s official Startup Visa info page or Fukuoka Startup City’s explanation site.

Consultation with specialists

STARTUP CAFE offers consultations with specialists such as administrative scriveners, tax accountants, lawyers, bankers and so on once every week. If you have any questions about visa matters, you can ask our judicial scriveners, or if there’s anything unclear about the tax declaration system, you can get help from a tax accountant.

Consultations are provided free of charge. English consultations are available through reservation.

Recruitment Support

STARTUP CAFE’s Startup Matching service brings together startups and talent. We support entrepreneurs by connecting human resources with companies looking for individuals. Startup Maching services are also available in English.

Coworking space

STARTUP CAFE’s coworking space is available for all entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-minded people looking for a space to work in, with electrical outlets and free Wifi. The coworking space is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm.

Fukuoka Employment Consultation Center

FECC offers consultations for employment-related legal issues. Common topics include making sense of the legal requirements for employing people in Japan, as well as protecting workers’ rights at the workplace. FECC will help you avoid common pitfalls when doing business and hiring people in Japan. English consultation is also available through reservation. Consultation sessions are offered free of charge.

Don’t be sorry! Get the facts first.

Seminars for entrepreneurs

We hold various startup-related seminars for free multiple times each week. The topics range from restaurants and local products all the way to marketing strategy and IT business. If you are interested in hosting an open event at Startup Cafe, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Please check out our Facebook event page for more information.

Why Fukuoka


Fukuoka is the first city in Japan to offer a Startup Visa for foreign entrepreneurs.

Obtaining a visa is now simpler than ever. If you are an entrepreneur interested in founding your business in Japan, the six-month Startup Visa will give you the opportunity to live in Fukuoka and have access to all of the incredible startup support the city provides. The Startup Visa will give you ample time to get a sense of the city, the culture, and the professional climate all while establishing your business.

Read more about the Startup Visa on Fukuoka City’s official website.


The fastest growing startup hub in Japan. Fukuoka is rapidly becoming a leader in the startup world. Japan has awarded the city a designation as a National Strategic Special Zone, meaning that there is now a simple pathway for startups to bring their businesses to the city. This designation has led to reduced regulations when it comes to employment, visas, and corporate taxes, making Fukuoka and ideal place to establish your company.

Read more about the Startup Package on Fukuoka Startup City’s website.


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Startup Cafe Fukuoka City is conveniently located between Akasaka station and Tenjin station on the Airport Line (Kuko Line) of the Fukuoka City subway. Please note that the entrance to the building is located on the south side.


Fukuoka Growth Next 1F
2-6-11 Daimyo Chuo-ku

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 22:00
(consultation services until 21:00)


Fukuoka City Subway

  • Tenjin Station
    Exit 6 (7 minutes on foot)
  • Akasaka Station
    Exit 5 (7 minutes on foot)


  • Fukuoka (Tenjin) station
    7 minutes on foot

※ Parking space not provided.